Laser Therapy in Scottsdale

Since their invention almost 60 years ago, lasers have changed the world in a significant way. It has been in use in various industries over the decades and is now all set to conquer the world of dentistry.

Here at Dental Studio 101, we are never afraid to try out new and fresh approaches to dental care. If you have the same mindset, then you should consider laser therapy for dental problems you need resolved.

We offer dental laser therapy to patients for a variety of procedures.

For periodontal or gum issues, our dental experts use lasers to reshape the gums or if necessary, remove overgrown tissue. Known for their precision, lasers are quite effective at targeting the diseased areas accurately.

Aside from treating gum problems, we also use laser technology to treat issues such as canker sore and cold sore pain, surgeries and esthetic gum contouring with improved healing and less pain.

Some more serious procedures involving the inside of the mouth can also be performed with the use of lasers. Our dental professionals can give you the option to use lasers for biopsies and exposing wisdom teeth,

Schedule your appointment now at Dental Studio 101. With our kind, compassionate, and highly-educated staff, you can be sure that you will be provided with all the assistance you need every step of the way.


The staff at Dental Studio 101 is kind, compassionate and highly educated, and are here to help you through every step of your appointment.