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Here at Dental Studio 101, we put our knowledge and experience to work to ensure our patients have the beautiful smile they’ve always wanted. Our caring and gentle team members and dentists are proud to help restore confidence by creating healthy and attractive smiles. Scroll through our gallery below to see a few examples of the transformations Dental Studio 101 has completed.

Amalia After
Amalia Before
Before Patient #1 After

About This Transformation

This patient presented with both white and dark spots that are common after the removal of traditional orthodontics. They can be made even worse by suboptimal oral hygiene while in brackets and wires. She was a gorgeous young lady and wanted a smile that reflected her bright personality. We completed 6 top and 6 bottom porcelain veneers to restore her radiant smile.

Brandi After
Brandi Before
Before Patient #2 After

About This Transformation

This patient is a hard working single mom who simply has always put caring for others ahead of herself. She finally decided to put the energy and investment into herself. She had extensive decay, broken and missing teeth. She had individual dental implants to replace missing teeth and a full mouth reconstruction using porcelain veneers and crowns. Giving her smile back changed her entire demeanor. She exudes confidence!

Glena After
Glena Before
Before Patient #3 After

About This Transformation

After years of wear and chipping her teeth, this patient wanted a smile enhancement. She wanted to look like herself, only a refreshed version. With that in mind we restored the wear using porcelain veneers 10 on top and 10 on the bottom. She still looks like herself, only with a more youthful smile.

Jaco After
Jaco Before
Before Patient #4 After

About This Transformation

Working with customers this patient wanted his smile to reflect the confidence he has as an entrepreneur. He had areas of wear, fracture and decay. His entire upper arch was treated to increase the length of his teeth back to their original size by using porcelain and zirconia crowns. His smile sparkles.

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