Full Mouth Reconstruction Scottsdale

When you step out into the world, your smile is possibly the first of your features to be noticed. Your smile tells others who you are and conveys unspoken messages that tell others what they mean to you in your life. Whether it is your family and friends or your coworkers or clients, your smile speaks volumes about your integrity and character.

But sometimes events that are beyond your control compromise the integrity of your smile. When these events happen to you, we are ready to help you restore your smile with a full mouth reconstruction.

Full Mouth Reconstruction for Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is caused when the buildup of plaque is not properly removed from your teeth and bacteria take hold and begin to break down the soft tissues of your gums. Periodontal disease begins gradually and often builds up in tiny spaces that are hard to reach and even harder to see. But the periodontal disease can also be developing underneath the gum line and in spaces between your teeth and gums and by the time you are aware of it, it has already begun the process of destroying valuable tissues and can even destroy bone.

When periodontal disease destroys tissues surrounding your teeth, your teeth often shift, as their foundation is no longer firm. Spaces inside the tissues can be eaten away from the inside, leaving sunken areas in your gums as well.

Full Mouth Reconstruction for Injuries

Injuries to the mouth can happen when you are playing sports, a car accident, or as a result of any blow to the head that causes damage to your teeth and gums. Damage to the soft tissues, gums, and bone surrounding your teeth can cause instability and you can even lose teeth if the injury is severe. Injuries can also cause damage to the tissues themselves, leaving them vulnerable to further injury or disease.

Full Mouth Reconstruction for Multiple Issues

Over time, your dental needs have likely been taken care of independently of each other. A crown here, a filling here, a tooth reshaping over here – and over time the teeth and gums and tissues in your mouth also go through changes. The result today may be a mix of corrective dental procedures that just don’t complement each other.

With a full mouth reconstruction plan, we evaluate your dental needs and upgrade the dental work that has been done before, along with any new dental work that you need, and build for you a new smile with all your dental needs.

Full Mouth Reconstruction for you

Contact us to talk about how we can prepare a full mouth reconstruction plan for you. Our highly advanced, cosmetic dentistry office located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona offers you a relaxed setting with the ultimate in care and personalized attention, just for you!


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