Telltale Signs You Might Need Dentures

Don’t think you need dentures now or ever? Think again! If you are going through any of these red flags, then you might have to consider getting one.

You have red, swollen, tender, or bleeding gums

These symptoms does not automatically lead to dentures. Although, gum inflammation, if left untreated, may progress to bone loss which may lead to tooth loss. Make sure to let your dentist know as early as possible if you catch any of these signs to be able to restore your teeth and gum health.

Gaps open up between teeth, or your teeth are loose or shifting

Bone loss from gum disease may be the problem that is causing the spaces between your teeth to get wider and your loose or shifting teeth. When this is the case, expansive treatment might be needed. And in worse cases, teeth extraction.

You’re experiencing toothaches

This could mean that the nerve in your tooth has already been affected by tooth decay. It can be prevented with a filling if caught early but the treatment can get more costly if the decay is substantial. Your dentist will be able to determine if it needs to be removed and if you will be needing a partial denture to replace it.

You don’t have a complete set of teeth

Already missing a couple of teeth? Don’t wait until you start to lose more, seek your Scottsdale cosmetic dentist for prosthesis, asap.

You’re having difficulty eating hard or chewy foods

This is probably because of missing teeth, cavities, a broken tooth, or gum disease. Visit your dentist in Scottsdale for an evaluation and possible treatments.

You have recurring stomachaches

Indigestion is a mild discomfort in the stomach which may be the result of you not being able to chew your food properly because of some dental issue. Contact your dentist to know for sure.

You don’t visit your dentist at least twice a year

A regular visit to the dentist is recommended so problems like cavities or periodontal disease could be prevented early on. We know it can get a bit of a hassle sometimes. But a visit to the dentist every six months will ensure that your teeth and gums are in tip-top shape—far away from gum disease, tooth decay, and even dentures.

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