New Dental Technology

The growth of the dental industry has exploded in the last decade. New advances in both health and science have allowed greater efficiency, convenience, and affordability of new dental technology.

New Dental Technology

Clear Braces
There are many products and services that have resulted from new dental technology that are currently available to consumers, patients, and dentists themselves. One of the great new things resulting from new dental technology is clear braces. Traditional braces are wires that are bound to your teeth and need to be tightened and through the tenure of having them. Clear braces function just like traditional braces, but are more like a mouth piece in appearance. Not only are clear braces transparent, but they are removable. Every few weeks you change the mouth piece for a similar result to that of tightening or readjusting traditional wire braces.

Veneers and Crowns
Advances in new dental technology have improved veneers and crowns. Today, entire tooth replacements can be performed with artificial teeth that both look and feel real. Veneers and crowns can be matched in color to the rest of your teeth so no one can tell the difference.

Tooth Whitening
New whitening products and services have also resulted from new dental technology. Professional whitening has more astounding results than ever before.

Consult with your dentist today about exploring all of the benefits of new dental technology.

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