Easy Ways to Stay Energized Through the Day

To look and feel beautiful it is important to stay energized throughout the day. It is not just about feeling fit and happy in the morning and as the day progresses to feel drained out. One would need to feel totally upbeat to put in their best at work, as also to be able to spend your time with equal fervor with your loved ones on returning home. So what are the effective steps that one needs to take to feel energized all day?

4 Ways to Stay Energized Through the Day

  • Exercise
    One of the most important things that will keep you feeling and looking your best is exercise. Any form of exercise from walking to aerobics to dancing can be done on a regular basis. Not only does it help you be active but also helps to keep the blood circulation flowing and therefore provides the much needed oxygen to stay energized.
  • Be Happy
    Life does not always provide the best choices. But an effort to make the right choices and keep smiling will help to keep you happy inside out. Instead of sulking and giving in to situations, being happy provides you with an inner strength that energizes you emotionally as well as physically.
  • Diet and Health
    A good and a proper diet sans fried and junk food will help you stay energized all day. Keep to fresh fruits and vegetable as much as possible with organic health drinks rather than sugar or caffeine enriched ones. Vitamin and mineral enriched diets will also keep you strong and fit. In addition, be aware of your health from your teeth to your toe nails will help you be in perfect shape.
  • Sincere with Work
    Irrespective of the work you undertake, try and complete your work rather than procrastinating. It is the quality of the job that matters than the quantity. Also a positive attitude helps in as much to keep you feeling upbeat. As is a popular saying that matters much, ‘mind over matter’ is what is important.

If you follow through these simple guidelines then soon enough you will on top of the world, every day of the week and year.

How to Make Time for a 20 Minute Workout

Exercise is an important task that everyone should actively participate in. Unfortunately, most people live extremely busy lives and often have difficulties with finding time for even a short exercise session. Today we will provide a few simple reasons why you should exercise regularly, and a few tips about how to make time for at least 15-20 minutes of exercise each day.

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Workout

  1. Improves Your Mood
  2. Increases Overall Strength
  3. Promotes Healthy Weight
  4. Helps Maintain a Healthy Cardiovascular System
  5. Reduces Your Risk of Diabetes

Tips to Help You Make Time for 20 Minute Workout

  1. Keep Track of How You Spend Your Time
    Most people spend more time relaxing than they think. Keep a journal of how you spend your time for a few weeks to see how you could adjust your free time to allow simple workouts.
  1. Wake Up Earlier
    Try waking up 30 minutes to an hour early each day to give you time for a short morning workout that may boost your energy more than a cup of coffee.
  1. Replace One 30 Minute TV Show With a Short Walk
    Watching TV takes away a lot of time that could be spent on a short, simple exercise. Try going for a vigorous walk around your neighborhood instead of watching a show that you only mildly enjoy.
  1. Do Simple Exercises While You are Watching TV
    Try doing exercises such as jumping jacks, crunches, pushups, or anything that can be done in a family room while you watch a show. You can also vigorously workout during commercials throughout the evening.
  1. Exercise With Friends or Family
    Exercising with other people can help you make time for it and form a good workout habit. Try going to the gym or simply going for family walks a few times every week to help you strengthen your friendships and family bonds while improving your health.There are nearly endless ways to help you fit a 20 minute workout into your busy days. Do yourself a favor and find the time to exercise for a happier and healthier life.

Exercises and Oral Health

A healthy body also means a healthy and fit lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle in turn means a good, healthy diet, and they require exercises to keep you energetic and feeling strong. For your complete well-being it is important that you be physically fit.
It is impossible to have a good and a healthy body, and yet reeking of bad breath. Bad breath can be a manifestation of other bigger oral problems. It can be bacteria in the mouth, periodontal infections, broken and discolored teeth, cavities, plaque and much more. When trying to discipline your body, it is also important to discipline yourself towards good oral health.

Body Exercises

It is fun to stretch your legs and read a book. But it feels all the more better to jog and go for a brisk walk. In case you are at an age where high frequency cardio exercises are not possible, exercises such as light jogging and brisk walking work wonders. Your body continues to burn the unwanted calories and makes you look and feel fit. Before you know it, you are sporting a healthy smile. It is not just your body but the facial muscles that get worked on and gives you a taut appearance. Muscles look toned and even protect the facial ones from sagging.

Facial Exercises

Whether you are working out at home or at a gym, make sure to spend 5-10 minutes doing facial exercises. Do not ignore that as it can easily be added to your fitness regime and does not need much to work on. Jaw and muscle exercises in addition to regular brushing and flossing can completely change the way you look and feel. Simple exercises like rinsing your mouth, sucking in the cheek, and movement of the jaw bone can help in enhancing flexibility as also maintain good oral health.
With that as an objective set achievable goals. Do not let your age be an impediment, rather use it as an excuse to look and feel on top of the world.

Dental Care for Athletes: Get Your Head in the Game but Don’t Lose Your Teeth!

Whether you are climbing rocks, running a trail, surfing on huge waves, or hitting a ball across the field; looking after your oral health and dental hygiene should be top of your game.

When in a Very Physical Sport

Play it safe, use a mouthguard. It works by lessening the impact of any blow to your mouth area. Although it does not eliminate the risk of gum and lip injuries as well as broken teeth, wearing one proves to lower them, nonetheless. It’s available in sporting equipment stores. But there are lab-fabricated ones, too, which has better fit and you can customize with whatever color you prefer.

When Your Tooth Gets Loose or Fall Out

You accidentally hit a hard ledge on the pool while swimming and knock your front tooth out, what’s the next best thing to do before rushing to the ER or your dentist? Put the tooth back in its socket. Kidding aside, this may give you ample time to head on to your dentist’s clinic and have the tooth replanted. If you are unable to replace it in its socket, then soak it in a salty solution, in milk, or in your own spit instead. Waste no time, the longer your tooth is out or loose, the less likely it could be saved.

When Going Underwater

When scuba diving, there comes a time when you start getting sore gums, toothache, or pain in your jaw—all symptoms that leads to “diver’s mouth syndrome”. The probable causes? Your badly fitting mouthpiece, as well as changes in air pressure under water, which can also acutely worsen untreated dental problems like abscesses and cavities. Consider visiting your dentist if the jaw pain from clenching your teeth too hard into the mouth piece persists for days so it may be evaluated for possible temporomandibular joint syndrome or TMJ. Also, before scuba diving, make sure your mouth is in tip-top shape.

When You Spend Hours Swimming

If you’re a swimmer, you obviously spend hours on end submerged in pool water. This could be a problem for your teeth. You see, pool water gets treated with chemical additives that are harmful for your tooth enamel when combined with the proteins in your saliva. Step up your dental care routine and visit the clinic more frequently to prevent further dental issues to arise.

When You Get Thirsty

Sports drinks are actually more damaging to the teeth than sodas because they are highly acidic and contain a large amount of sugar. So opt for water as much as possible.
It’s good to focus on keeping in shape. But let’s not forget about maintaining good oral health. As an athlete, you are more prone to dental injuries and tooth emergencies. So try to give extra considerations when taking care of your teeth, just as much as you look after your body fitness.
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