The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

We are fortunate to live in a world where achieving that perfect smile is completely within reach. With the advent of cosmetic dentistry, everyone can get the chance to improve how their mouth, teeth, and smile appear. And although the world in general regards cosmetic dentistry as a set of elective rather than necessary dental and oral procedures, some of its treatments and procedures also offer restorative and functional benefits.
For people who are interested in benefiting from cosmetic dental procedures, the foremost question in their minds would be, “How much is cosmetic dentistry?” Cosmetic dentistry procedures costs depend on the type of procedure you are interested in, and the complexity of the work required. The actual financial cost of dental cosmetic surgery and other procedures may also vary from cosmetic dentist to cosmetic dentist. What we are providing here would be approximate costs of cosmetic treatment for teeth.

Teeth Whitening Cost

The easiest and generally least costly way to improve your smile would be to undergo teeth whitening. Having a dentist perform your teeth whitening in-office will cost you $650 on average. Meanwhile, buying specialized teeth whitening products like molds and gels from your dentist so you can whiten your teeth at home would set you back by about $250 to $400. If you’re going for over-the-counter products (OTC) like toothpaste and rinses, whitening strips, whitening chewing gum, and whitening paint-on gel, expect to spend about $3 – $100.

Cosmetic Fillings Cost

Also known as tooth-colored fillings, cosmetic fillings are made from composite resin, which cost more and is better-looking than your traditional amalgam fillings. Cosmetic fillings cost at around $135 to $240 per tooth.

Tooth Bonding Cost

Decaying, chipped, and cracked teeth can be fixed by tooth binding. This procedure involves the application of a tooth-colored resin material to the tooth. The cosmetic dentist will then bond the material to the tooth using an ultraviolet or laser light. Once the resin has hardened and fully bonded, the cosmetic dentist will trim, shape, and polish it to desired results. Tooth bonding costs from $150 to $400 per tooth.

Dental Crowns Cost

You have four options for dental crowns or caps, which are designed to restore damaged or decayed teeth. After a thorough examination of the tooth that needs restoring, the dentist will recommend the type of crown that would be most appropriate for your case. The crowns are usually made from resin, metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, or porcelain. Each cap costs roughly between $1,500 & $2,000.

Porcelain Veneers Cost

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made, and tooth-colored materials that are bonded to the front surface of teeth to improve their appearance. They are made from resin composite materials or porcelain, but veneers made from the latter are a more popular choice because they resist stains better and are more natural-looking than resin veneers. There can also be a $1,700-$2,000 additional cost for a diagnostic wax up smile design.

Dental Implants Cost

Dental implants allow those with missing or seriously damaged teeth to have essentially new, amazing-looking, and permanent teeth once again. A dental implant is small, screw-shaped post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Usually made of titanium, the post will then be topped by a crown once it’s fully fused to the bone, and the patient will have a brand-new and fully-functional tooth. Dental implants have revolutionized modern dentistry, and they cost around $2,500 per implant, although several factors like the need for a bone graft or other procedures to facilitate the implantation can push the cost higher.

All-on-4 Implants

When you’re missing or losing most, if not all your teeth, a conventional dental implant may not be the best course of action. A better alternative would be All-on-4 Implants, a procedure which involves the precise and strategic placement of titanium implants which will serve as anchors for a full and permanent denture. The method gets its name from the fact that it usually requires only four dental implants to support an entire dental bridge.
Considering the surgical component and the anesthesiologist, All-On-4 implants often range from $30k-$40k per arch.

Invisalign Cost

Invisalign is an increasingly popular way of closing gaps between teeth or straightening misaligned or crooked ones. This advanced system makes use of custom-made, clear plastic aligners that are virtually unnoticeable, which earned them the nickname, “invisible braces.” Naturally, they are more expensive than regular braces. Depending on your specific requirements, Invisalign can cost between $3,500 and $8,000.

Full mouth reconstruction

There are many reasons why some people opt for a full mouth reconstruction. They may need it to recover from severe periodontal disease. They could have also been involved in an accident and sustained serious injuries to the teeth and gums. Multiple dental and oral issues may also prompt a person to go for a full mouth reconstruction.
Considering that it may involve several dental and oral specialists as well as various procedures, a full mouth reconstruction can get very expensive. The dental cosmetic surgery cost could reach upwards of $45,000 or more.

Insurance and Cosmetic Dentistry Costs

As a general rule, most dental insurance providers do not cover cosmetic dentistry procedures. They focus more on oral health and preventive services. Some of them, however, choose to include elective procedures that aim to improve smiles. As to which cosmetic dental surgery cost is covered will depend largely on the insurance provider and the type of policy that you have purchased from them.

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