• Oral Bacteria and Heart Plaque: How Are They Connected?

    For many years, it has been debated that poor oral hygiene may be a possible cause of heart disease. Though this is has not been proven and threads of evidence has not been tied together, it’s still important to pay attention to both our oral and cardiovascular health. What...

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  • Orthodontics: Maintenance and Care Techniques

    For individuals undergoing orthodontic treatment, good dental care hygiene can never been more important. Braces trap food very easily and most of the time, removing it can be a challenge. If food bits don’t get removed right away, it may contribute to plaque buildup that constitutes to the risk...

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  • Unusual Ways You’re Ruining Your Teeth

    We all know that teeth grinding, lax dental hygiene and smoking adversely affects our oral health. What isn’t common knowledge are those seemingly simple habits that we do every day but are actually contributing to damaging our teeth and gums. Curious to find out? Here are several ways you...

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  • All About Tooth Decay

    Every American who has attended an appointment with a dentist has heard about tooth decay at a young age. We learn that it is important to follow a routine of thoroughly brushing our teeth and flossing to avoid developing oral diseases and cavities. Although we are taught to follow...

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  • Reasons Why New Moms Should Never Neglect Their Own Oral Health

    Gone are the days you can plan for yourself. Now that you are a mom, your world at present, revolves around keeping your baby safe and healthy. There would be times that you would be extremely tired and neglect your own needs including your dental hygiene. You may not...

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  • Overcome Your Dental Phobia

    For some it may be intimidating going to a dentist. It may merely be for a regular checkup or a procedure. There are people who are known to suffer from dental phobia that leads to hypertension and anxiety attacks. This is not an unusual phenomenon and is pretty common....

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