How to Fix Gaps in Teeth

Having gaps in your front teeth can be an embarrassing flaw to deal with. Yet many people never seek the guidance of a dentist or explore all the treatment options available.

Most patients we talk to don’t know there is more than one option out there, many of which don’t involve braces of any kind, which can be painful and take long periods of time to achieve the desired effect.

In this article, we’ll look at a few of the ways we fix gaps in teeth without the use of braces. You’ll probably be surprised by how many options you really have.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of teeth. Each veneer is custom formed to provide a beautiful, white natural finish. They are a permanent procedure, so you can rest assured the porcelain veneers we use will look beautiful and remain durable for a very long time.

Veneers are often used to fix gaps in teeth. Unlike braces, you will see results immediately after the procedure is finished. Another benefit over braces is that caring for veneers is incredibly easy. Just brush and floss as you normally would and remember to show up for your regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings.

Dental Crowns

In some cases, crowns will be a better option when it comes to fixing gaps in teeth. This is especially true if the teeth involved require some sort of restoration as a result of wear, fracture or decay. Crowns are different from veneers because they cover the entire surface of a tooth.

Crowns will completely restore a tooth to its full functionality, while dramatically improving the appearance. Porcelain crowns are very natural looking and can be formed to your exact specifications.


This is a treatment that straightens teeth and removes gaps just like braces, but without the bulkiness and discomfort associated with braces. Transparent molds are custom made to fit a patient’s mouth. The mold will need to be replaced every two weeks so a new one can be inserted.

This form of treatment is very popular among adults who want to fix gaps in their teeth because the mold is nearly invisible when it is in place, unlike braces, which are very obvious.

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